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Originally Posted by ditbu13oi View Post
The Lapco barrel is much better. From what ProX says because you can add an Apex to the tip and make trick shots such as making the pb go to the left, right, and drop shot. They are pricey but worth it. I myself is getting one soon.
Actually I think that someone else made the remarks about the trick shots.

Originally Posted by slim and shady View Post
It will do that with a JJ too thats the apex tip, it doesnt matter what barrel you put the tip on it will do all the weird **** the apex does. between the 2 barrels I prefure the JJ myself but others may disagree.
I'm mostly with slim... The Apex will work the same on any barrel. I also agree that it is a matter of preference (opinion). It is my opinion that the Lapco's are much nicer quality.

The reason I suggested the the Apex ready Lapco (quality aside) is because the some barrels are too small and have to be built up with tape or another material to make them work. Lapco has taken the "ghetto" factor of it.

Ultimately you should get what you are comfortable with. It is very hard for suggestions on the internet to make up for first hand experience. If you have the option, you should check them all out.
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