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Default Re: Sssooo...what to do....

Just plumbed the tanks.
One Tippmnn 98C asa with a 90* fitting and hose. That hose goes into one port of a generic asa that has a fitting port on each side.

Into the other port went my stock A5 90* fitting, it's mated hose and ASA adapter. This is a neat set up because Timppmann makes the fitting, hose and asa (ASA tombstone fitting) a unified set of parts. The 90* female side is not 1/8" NPT threaded but the male side is. That means this fitting is only useul if used in conjunction with the Tippmann s/s line. Waste not, want

The Tippmann Tombstone ASA adapter then will screw into the UFA on my remote line, which in turn goes into the marker.

The braided S/S line that goes to the ASA aapter makes it that it should take more abuse than any other type of line. It will go under my arm (or over my shoulder) and give me plenty of maneuvering room to shoot.


Now all I have to do is get them both filled and try out the set up.
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