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Default Re: Tiberius First Strike paintballs

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Alas, I'm an *******, born and raised. ("on the playground I spent most of my days..." name the show!)
Fresh Prince, am I right? What do I win?

And yes, I do drive aggressively. I want to get somewhere today, not in a week. Although, those crazy drivers that come into my lane don't help much...

Now that's a story they need to hear, tell them whilst I attend school Tim.

I agree whit Tim on the clothing part, as long as you know how to move I could care less what you wear, hell wear a frickin bunny suit if you want but as long as dyou keep moving and stay hidden it won't really matter.
Team Retribution.

especiialypsycho: i dont like the clamshell feel
armedfuture: you realize the Alias frame is a clamshell as well?
especiialypsycho: Yesh with a little different milling so its k
armedfuture: lawl
armedfuture: that's contradictory
especiialypsycho: no its not
especiialypsycho: its personal preferance!
armedfuture: it would be given you could spell preference
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