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Default Re: Tiberius First Strike paintballs

Lol, I'm sorry, I guess I was a tad harsh in my wording... it was 1:30am and I was tired... I apologize if I was that harsh.

Druid works in a prison.

Paul: What I meant is that you can fire one of those in pepperball form and go onto the next target/suspect/prisoner. With a taser, you're committed to that one target/suspect/prisoner. Sometimes officers just don't have that opportunity.

EDIT: A few more thoughts, since I was in a rush typing this original post, and don't feel like double posting.

Alas, I'm an *******, born and raised. ("on the playground I spent most of my days..." name the show!) I keep it to a minimum but based on my experiences with woodsballers throughout my time playing this game has led me to believe they are a near-hopeless kind. There are the few (like yourselves reading this) that actually do get out of the woods and can understand more than just running around in camouflage (bit much to say for Paul, but I'm sure he'll roll with it ). Those kind of people I can respect. The rest are worthless morons, and morons are something I just cannot stand.

From that, I have learned to play the game as it's meant to be played: hunt down your prey and beat it into submission. This ruthless style of play keeps me being one of the above-average players around here (I'm in California, so that's pretty damned good seeing as we have the Bushwackers, XSV, Dynasty, Aftershock, etc etc etc). I am methodical and careful in my ways, and that keeps me alive and able to keep on playing in the game. That is one of the key aspects of a playing style: balance. You cannot be too over-aggressive and just get blown apart, but you cannot stay in the back watching everyone else. I like to think I'm at the happy medium, the nubes being overaggressive, and the "snipers" being the dumb-asses chilling in the back and not doing too much.

I agree, there is a place for a back player to cover movement, but this is woodsball. There is no need so long as you are a good enough player to know when to let loose and when to conserve. You obviously aren't going to open up and shoot a hopper at someone standing out in the open looking dumbly at their compass. Just run on down and shoot his ass a few times after checking for others.

What I meant when I said that I had "experience, intelligence, and practice" was that those three ideals affect a player more than any marker will. So long as the player has down those three, he could be rocking a TigerShark and still be whooping ass out on the field. I didn't mean it to sound so direct as an assumption of your abilities, but it seems my fingers typed something I didn't mean to say...

As far as APG goes, I half-ass agree with you. I think that their articles are more designed for the new player audience, and are quite weak for what I want to do on a field.

Here's an interesting tidbit... I wear red/black gear when I go playing, woods or speedball. Half the people I oust never see me coming. It's all about how you move, not what you wear. Sure, clothing could help (ghillie suits with Scout Snipers), but this is paintball... Lol!

And yes, I do drive aggressively. I want to get somewhere today, not in a week. Although, those crazy drivers that come into my lane don't help much...

Well, I'm done adding stuff on.
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