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Default Re: OK I want a pump... Help!

It all depends on how much you wanna spend... Trracers and Maverics go for $40-50. After that theres cocker pumps which you can get for right around $200, give or take. Then theres phantoms, with many configurations. These will go in the $200-$300 range depending on accessories, anno, setup, etc. If your really ambitous, Carters are like $600, and theres plenty of Palmers pumps that are very high quality in the $500 and up range. Of course, a PGP will run $60-$90 in most cases, or there are other Sheridan style pumps avalible for under $200 including the p-68 sc, and p-68 at (auto trigger). Theres more, that im sure ive forgotten, bu pick a price range and it will be easier for us to help you pick.
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