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Default Re: Tiberius First Strike paintballs

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Pepperball filling! I could imagine this being the new riot-control Less-Lethal method. Tasers only work so well, but with these babies combined with pepperballs, the officers could fire from further back accurately, reducing the risk of injury for them.

Ferret, don't make me lump you in with the morons... Paintballs are NEVER going to be as accurate as a bullet, and thus, you will always need more shots to get an "out."
The FN303 rounds already come like that. One round model has pepper, another has perm paint, one has washable paint and the 4th is their water/training round.......................and NONE of them are a joke to mess with.
And tasers work VERY well......provided both probes are properly embedded in the suspect/inmate. Hell, it dropped my Captain (Navy Seal) like a bad habit and I screamed like a little gurl that just got stung by a hornet......

Originally Posted by especiialypsycho View Post
Tim is more of a Speedball oriented guy, and sometimes he does come off as kindof an ass, But he's a great guy, knows his **** form experience, and he does drive like a crazy man, but I believe he does deserve some respect, SO lets keep it nice guys.
Reluctantly I have to agree


MY point on this round is that the back fins, during a "hard target" test (plywood wall) DID NOT BREAK. Upon the shooter's inspection, it had sharp and jagged ridges on the edge that [his words] caught his skin and seemed as if it would tear flesh.

What is that going to do on the throat and how much kinetic energy still remains in that cylinder (the fins seem to be a structural integrity mechanism on a cylinder/cup)? The tester's description forces me to envision a hole saw.
How does that affect mask lenses...because we ALL know some idiots in our groups that don't change their lenses like they're supposed to.

I'm extremely skeptical about these rounds and their safe use on a paintball field.
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