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Default Re: Tiberius First Strike paintballs

well i play woodsball like a speedballer then and most of the woodsball "cover" is some of the worst cover ever. The cover in the woods are the worst, either your stuck in cover like "forts" and "bunkers" with no chance of leaving but your safe for the time being. The rest are trees and bushes most barely big enough to hide if your under attack. Movement and fire power when needed is the the key. My first shots will be a little more conservative and after that i'm done playing like hide and seek and i'm using that "saw" to either buy me cover or get them out.

I wouldn't play with these rounds if i was playing with a guy like tim around, if there were too many noobs i'd give it a shot just for fun pretending to be a sniper because odds are these noobs could also be barrel tagged in the woods too.
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