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Default Re: Tiberius First Strike paintballs

So what you're train of thought is that if I use one of my main markers, the Angel A1, and you have one of these T9's with this round, that I could NOT win simply because I do not have the better round? Let's relate this to real firearms (bear with me, I have a point). I'd have the M249. You'd have the R700 with iron sights (to take out the Sniper aspect and relate to more realistic paintball aiming). What do you think would win? Come on, bolt action vs OMFG gun. The R700's more accurate, sure, but what does it matter when you're lit the hell apart??? You miss, you're ****ed. I miss, I have AT LEAST 20 more behind it to destroy you. You understand now why accuracy does not matter as much in the game of paintball?

Now, about concealment... Do you breath? I'd hope so! That movement, along with the slightest bit out of place with the nature around you gives your position away. You are now essentially a sitting duck, ready for chopping it's head off, plucking it's feathers, and tossing on a rotisserie spit. And, if you do get the chance to get a shot off, at the distance you're shooting to try to get me, I'll dodge it. Bump up from tree to tree in a random manner, get within range for my marker, snap you so you're down, and just let loose. Takes a bit longer for me and quite a bit more paint, but it still gets the job done.

I could come at you with a pump and still win. Why? Experience, intelligence, and practice. Those three aspects are NEVER affected by a marker's abilities. Sure, it helps to have a marker that can help you to achieve the fullest of your abilities, but... I don't need it. I'm too busy laughing at people Nicky Cuba style as they walk off the field to the deadbox and yelling at the spectators to "watch this."
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