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Default Re: honest info on electra 09 please

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Well, you're kinda in a kink there going for a tournament grade marker without HPA.
sorry, let me clarify, i want a gun that can run co2 so that i can use co2 when im at home and hpa is out of reach, then i will also buy a hpa tank to use during tournaments...i don't want to buy two seperate guns

and yes, co2 is the only option i've got at home, the closest paintball shop is almost an hour away, and i have a welder, (with a huge co2 tank) and a fill station. i just made a sweet course out in the woods

oh, and i am going to the University of Wisconsin Platteville, you may have heard of them, i think they are acutally ranked kind of high...pretty sure their team name is the pioneers, seeing as how that is the school name
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