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Default Tiberius First Strike paintballs

Alright i have recieved.....dont ask me how a tube of First strike of paintballs. Now since i am too cheap to send $200+ on a pistol i decided to muzzle feed it into my pump piranha.

First Glance:
Shock at how the feel. Like a marble thinking im going to break someones facemask....or punch through somebodies body

First Shot:
When i shoot regular paint inthe piranha it shoots roughly 270 FPS
With out changeing the pressure the first shot with the first strike cronoed at 320 FPS
Adujusted it down so it would shoot 280 FPS.

First played game:
Since Muzzle loading pused in with a hard barrel squeege.......first shot roughly 150-175 feet away.........i missed not because of the paint or the gun because i forgot what i was shooting......So with 7 remaining i had to pace myself. Second shot same target same distance......hit its target dead center of mass :shock: 6 remaining. onto a western town.......not so sure if i want to use them here so i brought one......field is 20 yards X 50 yards......Shot from corner to corner through a gallows set up in middle found targets head between eyes.. Have decided to retire the rest to save for another day.

Post game:
Asked the people i shot how the felt.
Body shot: Like being shot from close distance like 10-15 feet.....noticeable hit......Bruise recieved same as normal paint ball
Head shot: Very load bang.....Major clean up job on mask.....Mask V-Force still good

I dont want to say the retail price because im not sure if they are out on the market...PM ME..... I would give them a 9.9/10 because nothing is the perfect but they are some of the best as far as accuracy
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