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Default honest info on electra 09 please

i know i really don't have to put honest in the title, you guys are awesome about that kinda stuff...

anway...i am planning on joining a college paintball team, its kinda low key, but they do do some bigger tournaments, so i was wondering if the electra 09 would be a decent gun to get...
-its only $200
-it seems to be a very solid gun, i've seen reviews that say it keeps up with the expensive gus.
-it can work on co2 (for when i am at home in the country playing wit my highschool friends)

so basically, what can a 400-500 dollar gun do that the electra can't???

oh, and, are there any other...better...guns out there that run on co2?? or is the electra the best gun that runs co2?

thanks again!
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