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Default Re: Action Picture Thread

Yeah, the photographer was actually on the field taking the pictures. He was wearing just the goggles part of a JT mask - he's OLD school! I was pleased when I saw the pics on his store's site...

I love the color of my loader shell. It's called Black Cherry and as far as I know it's the only one that I've seen with that color at any tournament or field I've played at for a couple of years. It goes pretty well with the dust black of my gun. Honestly, this is probably the best shooting gun I've ever owned. It shoots as good as my Shocker with all it's upgrades ever did, and only has the UL frame, back cap, asa and rail, clamping feed neck collar, DM detents and Lucky 13 barrel as upgrades.

When I saw the picture of me spilling paint, I thought, "Cool! Now I'm like the guys that get pictures in Splat, PB2X and Facefull," haha!
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