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Default Re: NEW! Hard Corps Torque hopper.....

I bought my torque last week. Used it in my first game of the season. Now I had taken it apart prior to the game, as per the manufactures instructions, so I could install the batteries. Was a little difficult at first, but it came apart with no problems.
After playing that day I took the Torque apart to clean out a broken ball (Crappy paint, not hoppers fault.) Again I took it apart as per the manufactures instructions, but to my dismay I noticed one of the small grey pins in the front, next to the on/off button, had broken off the motor housing. As I examined the hopper further I noticed that the second grey pin was beginning to crack, and a clip at the rear of the shell had broken off too.
Now I am not rough with my equipment, and I didn't drop the hopper or get a hopper shot all day.
My question is has anyone else had this problem? How common is it?
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