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Default Re: Jan/Feb Non-Spyder Of The Month Voting Part 2

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Given that that person told me he only he had like 15min for pics of 6 things, I think he did rather well. Looks like he used a 50mm F/1.8 set to F/2.8 on P mode, too (yes, I'm that good).
wow! wondering if its your now? lol
mOddEd LiKe HeLL (1:21:29 PM): i was there from 10pm to 4am
FootInY0Ass (1:22:15 PM): holy **** you dropped it hard last night
mOddEd LiKe HeLL (1:22:57 PM): and i was there thursday and friday
mOddEd LiKe HeLL (1:23:20 PM): thursday, they closed early so we went to the bar up the street afterwards
FootInY0Ass (1:23:40 PM): AA time.......
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