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Default Jan/Feb Non-Spyder Of The Month Voting Part 2

Top two winners from this poll will go into final voting with other half of the poll since max limit is 10 choices on polls.

1. 2001 Angel Butterknife C&C LCD

Cobra trigger, Cobra snatch grip, Volly's, CCM Mid-Rise feedneck

2. Cobra G7

CP trigger, Freak barrel back, All American tip, Cam-lock feedneck, Hybrid Contract Killer grips, and Empire rail

3. Angel A1

Ver2 internals, full Angel bore kit, CP rail, CP Mini on/off, Raguba trigger, 3 piece eyecovers

4. Prostock Sniper

CCM Premium pump kit, CCM 45* frame, PB Mod Shop Hitman plate mod, Black Magic reg, JAM bolt, and MatchStik kit

5. Bob Long Vice:

4c eyes,violent trigger,SPD grips,geardrive asa,tadao Ryujin board,LP poppit,CP 2 piece 14"

6. 2006 Maniac Ego

Estar SL kit


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