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Default Re: Ok D-day 2009--the Official German Recruiting Thread

Join in the Beach Party on Utah at OK D-Day 2009. The German 709th is retooling to take the fight to the Allied Invasion force like never before. We are looking for officers, NCOs and teams to take part in the mayhem. Don't miss out on one of the biggest battles at D-Day. Just look at what happened last year:

"In the North at Utah Beach, it was a slug fest from the Game On whistle to the last seconds of battle for points on that epic beach. The 709th led by recently promoted General Major Dwayne "Zeke" Ezekiel, faced the Allies at the beach in a seemingly endless series of one-for-one knock-out blows. Both Allied and German forces battling at Utah gave their all. Endless determined wave after endless determined wave of Allies from the 4th ID, 899th Blackcats, and 2nd Armor stormed into murderous fire from the Germans bunkered and entrenched on the high-ground overlooking the killing fields of Utah. Thundering formations of Allied tanks rumbled up the beach to run headlong into a blocking force of German Panzers and interlocking fields of fire from murderous 88mm Anti-Tank guns. For any Allied tank that made it past the artillery and the Panzers, there were hordes of fearless Panzerjagers swarming all comers like a pack of jackals and leaving nothing but burning hulks in their wake. The beach rocked back and forth between Allied and German control for the duration of the entire allotted time. It was one of the most brutal battles in D-Day history. Though the Allies managed to take the points for both scorings, the cost to the Northern Allied Army was horrific. The Battle of Utah beach all but consumed the 4th Infantry Division and the 899th Blackcats, taking nearly all these powerhouse Allied units had to give for the dayís game in three brutal hours. Allied armor was pulverized on the beach and would never regain the momentum they desperately needed. The Allies took the points for Utah, but a cost that was perhaps more then their overall effort could afford to pay.

As a battered 709th German Infantry Division pulled south up the Causeways to defend the next skirmish line they found that the Northern Allied Army didnít have the gas left to continue the assault inland. German Northern Command held the Causeway and the Airfield for the remainder of the day largely uncontested by the spent Allied forces in that sector."

Axis Command Newletter - July 2008

Want excitement and a challenge. Join the German side for Oklahoma D-Day.
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