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Default Re: Show Your MR1

No, this was just a replica. It doesn't fire a thing. The next one I build we be built around a new MR1 so it will fire .68 paintballs like any other one.

I think the classic Stormtrooper blaster is a little more recognizable piece of gear for most folks, although that site goes into building replicas of all types of Star Wars weapons. That, and considering that I want to use it with my armor, I think the E-11 would be better.

The only thing that will be a bit of a pain is moving the airline from underneath the front grip. Otherwise it should just be basically making a PVC body kit, change to a single trigger, cut the barrel and reservoir plug a couple of inches. The hopper should be exchanged for a q-loader, and should be moved to whichever side looks better, and you obviously want to use a remote tank of some kind.

I would love suggestions for gear to use on this project. I am going to try to keep it looking as much like the movie prop as possible, so if anybody knows of a piece that would improve the looks and the function (as this will be played with in real games, too) I would like to know about it. Here is a reference pic of a professionally made prop, for ideas.

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