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Lightbulb Re: Show Your MR1

Hello all,

Haven't been on here in a while, but I got a private message and logged on. There are some good looking markers posted since last time I was here!

Anyway, I looked at Sonik's and immediately thought of what I would like to do for my next project. I have been making models and movie props (which is a hobby that is actually starting to pay) and not modding any markers since I was last on here, but wanted to share with something with you all. One day, in the course of googling for model designs, I found the plans for building your own custom E11 Stormtrooper Blaster replica out of PVC pipe (props go out to darksidesithlord). The plans are fairly well detailed schematics for reconstructing all the major parts of the blaster from PVC and sheet metal. Anyway, after making this thing, and my positive experience modding my mr1 into an M4 Carbine (pics are back a couple pages on this thread), I have decided that I am going to try to combine the two elements and make a working Stormtrooper MR1 Blaster! If anyone out there has already beaten me to it PLEASE POST PICS! I wanna see 'em!

This model isn't completely finished (still need to make the folding stock and I think the temporary part I put underneath the sight looks like garbage) but it gives a good idea what it will look like when it is done. It obviously doesn't fire anything, but I modified the design inside so it does have a functioning bolt that will cock and return into place. I also made a slag of epoxy and BB's and stuck globs of it inside so as to add to the thing's weight so it doesn't feel hollow. The design called for making the handle from scratch too, but I saved a little time buy cannibalizing an old Nintendo zapper. The first two pics are it when it was unpainted PVC, the next are the nearly finished product. This one looks only all right compared to some I've seen. There is a guy on you tube with a ridiculously sick one (Hollywood quality) that has working lights, sounds, and vibration motor for recoil!

I need to get some money again to buy another MR1, but am trying to finish my last semester of college right now and really don't need to be obsessing over making a paintball blaster (and I know I will when I start this project). I will give it a go around May. Anybody already made one?

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