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Exclamation GB: ESP Hall FX kits

I guess this should go here, even though it's not really a store advertisement anymore.

In response to a number of requests, I've agreed to bring back the Hall FX kit for one final run. In one swoop I am making kits for anyone that wants one, and after I'm done, I will not be making Hall FX kits for the ESP frames anymore.

I've posted details for the group buy here: February 28 is the last day I'll accept commitments.

Any questions? Post here!

Order count: 11 kits
Current price per kit: $25.00 (from $30.00)

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X-Customs NV - The Pinnacle Spyder Trigger
X-Customs Hall FX Kit - "Genius" Magnetic Trigger Switch System
X-Customs SwiX - 50g Solderless Microswitch

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