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Arrow Re: It's a little wobbly

Originally Posted by patamoose View Post
I don't know what this is called so bare with me. When I screw my air tank into my electra 08, the part where you screw it in is a little wobbly. I don't think that it's supposed to be that way. Once again sorry I don't know what that piece is called but does this happen with anyone else?
Remove the left grip. Move the battery and harness out of the way. At the bottom of the trigger frame where the battery was is a small hole. It has a set screw in it. Turn the set screw to the right(CW) w/an allen wrench untill the ASA doesn't wobble any more. If you want to make it even more secure you could use a very small dab of blue Loctite on the set screw then tighten it down. Don't get the Loctite in the hex well of the set screw or you'll never get a wrench in it again after the Loctite hardens. Hint: the set screw is in place on an angle not at 90* from the bottom surface -
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