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Default Re: Chops, chops, and more chops

Here are the results from todays action: I had a few chops each game we played today. Most of the chops were coming from the one of the last few balls out of my hopper. None occurred around or in the feedneck (what a pain to clean). All the chops were around the bolt itself. Blowback/velocity may be the issue. We were playing on a private field and had no access to a chrono to check our guns. The last time I had it checked was last year and I had to adjust it down to around 280. That was also before all the additions (bolt, detent, etc.). I'm sure it needs it again. After we played I ran about 500-600 balls through. It chopped each time the hopper ran low. I adjusted the velocity (slower) and it seemed to do a little better. We are thinking about buying a chrono. Any suggestions on were to look for a good one? I will test it again this week once I can get it chronoed. Slim, we use CO2 and the temp was in the 40s today. If it makes any difference, we played 2 weeks ago and it was in the upper 60s (thats Louisiana for you) and I had the same problem (not sure temp was playing as much a factor as the velocity). Just a side note: When this gun is firing correclty, it will certainly pin someone down. Thanks for your help and I will let you know what happens with the velocity test. Oh and thanks for the welcome.
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