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Default Re: Spyder Pilot 08 Feedneck and Troubles

Originally Posted by gben93 View Post
ooo. I am pretty sure that my tank was filled with compressed air though. Thats what the man said. What makes a 20oz tank not compressed air? (From DFsnipers comment before)

And I have another question off topic from the ones I asked before..I noticed how the balls curve a lot when they are shot from my Spyder Pilot 08. What can prevent them from doing that? They would swerve in all different directions so it wasnt the wind.
Originally Posted by gben93 View Post
I forgot to mention i hav the stock barrel that came with the marker. and when i noticed this, i used balls from the paintball place i went to. But is there any way i can lessen/fix how much the balls curve?
CO2 =/= HPA/N2 (high pressure air/nitrogen)

for balls curving it could have been cheap paint or just that the stock barrel isn't accurate, or both
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