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Default Spyder Pilot 08 Feedneck and Troubles

Hey guys, I played for the first time with my Spyder Pilot 08 w/ eye yesterday and encountered a couple problems. The first problem I had was with the PSI 3000psi Coil with Black Slide Check Remote I used for my 20oz compressed air tank. Everything looked fine, but my gun just would not shoot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get my coil to work? And I do not know if it was the coil, the tank, or the gun's fault. I would cock it back and a a couple balls would fall out. After, I just gave up on the coil and went to direct tank-to-gun and that worked fine.

Another problem I had with the Spyder Pilot 08 was sometimes I would pull the trigger and nothing would happen. I have an Evlution 2 loader with the straight elbow that came with the gun. I am not sure if this problem was because of the hopper or the gun, but I am thinking It is from the gun. I would shake everything a couple times before shooting again, and it would work, although I had to call myself out once because it would not start working again. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?

I have one more question for you guys; how to change the feed neck on the Spyder Pilot 08?! I cannot find a way to remove the stock feed neck. And could anyone suggest a nice, low feed neck that fits the Spyder Pilot 08?

It would be awesome if anyone could answer any of these questions.

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