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Default Re: Why You May Want to Use CO2 Instead of HPA

Ok, granted you could theoretically run a high end gun off of co2. But for the safety of the masses of people not smart enough to take the precautionary measures to prevent damage. I would NOT recommend the usage of co2 in high end guns. Another thing, for casual players that don't need a constant 13-15 bps for 5-10 min game co2 will most likely work. But for those tourney players out there that need to play at those bps levels co2 will absolutely not work!!! Another thing it doesn't take 20 bps to get co2 cold, try 10 bps for 15 secs, the tank will be cold and I guarantee there will be condensation where you do not want it. Again co2 has the possibilities to run through high end markers with the absolute utmost care taken but think: is the money spent to get a reg for the co2 tank and the constant worry about ruining your $1000 investment worth it? for me its not, that's why I run HPA.

Note: co2 is a heavier gas than HPA and therefore allows for a lower pressure in lp Spyder applications.

Another note what kind of line supplies the gas to your marker in all high end applications? Macroline, this line is not rated for co2s inconsistency when unregulated and will blow, I have had this happen, it nearly put a nice piece of metal in my foot. Also for the regulated co2 it isn't uncommon for the reg to freeze and allow a lot more pressure where it is not needed(blowing the macroline or ruining the reg/internals on your $1000 investment).

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