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Default Re: Why You May Want to Use CO2 Instead of HPA

Originally Posted by Solar View Post
One problem I've found with HPA is that I had some recocking issues with my LP spyder. I was running at 300 PSI 285 FPS on anti syphened CO2 with a palmers stabalizer an Maddman Rocket Valve when the front block was getting too cold so i switch to HPA tank (it's free to rent with admission at the place I play). After I switched to HPA I could not recock with out the back pressure of my Halo.

So as soon as the halo was empty it would jack hammer and decock.

I did not have the problem with CO2.
some LP spyders need the back pressure of a ball to recock, personally i think that alittle more tuning is needed to solve that little issue, however some people set there operating pressure that low on purpose. (i personally want a marker that cycles loaded or unloaded)
and HPA will give you more consistant performance, aswell as being alittle easier on the marker. (orings last longer)
your tune will also differ greatly from co2 to HPA, some minor tweaking and your recocking isue could have been solved and i think you would have been much happier with HPA.
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