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Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
nice, lets see some after pics of the trilogy
will do as soon as I get it back haha. I just payed for all of my crap getting done to it yesterday.

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
how does he like that pump kit? im thinking of picking one up for the BL/SS...
Super nice. No wobble, light, and comfortable. If you get a non ccm pump kit though, go to CCMs ebay store and order a pump kit return spring and use it, feels so much nicer than the stock one.

Originally Posted by xsvly-fat View Post
Nice Autococker, that'll look really cool when it's all done.
Thanks. Sure hope so. Its costing me some money....

Originally Posted by SpyderMan723 View Post
that gx3 is hawt
Yes, and it shoots even better than it looks. Gogged quite a few people with it last weekend.
Why so serious?

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