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Default The Cake Is A Lie

I'm not really sure if this belongs here. or in the with the rest of the VS2s but since i've got more mods than a RS or RSX i think it is more appropriate here. Its been a long haul to get here so enjoy.
I may or may not get the body annoed. depending on if i decided to keep it. As much as i like it you always feel like something else could be done. so i may buy another VS2 just so i have another body. as you can see the fitting from the palmer is very very tight so in that respect this is probably the only vs2 with a palmer succesfully mounted like so with the trinity VA. of course if you had the stock va with an adapter it fits.

Work done by yours truely
Halfbacked and Polished VS2 body
Custom milled frame powdercoated black.

John S. did the noid mod for me:tup:

~shocktech feedneck
~Shocktech LPC
~trinity Front block
~ACP Striker
~Palmers Stabilizer
~Hybrid On/Off
~J&J ceramic barrel 12"

Not Pictured
~SPPS EMR mango Trigger
~Full tadao board setup

now for cake

contact me for custom work

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