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Thumbs down Re: Rumor: Change of BPS,etc In PSP

What BS, NPPL drops the ball and PSP now thinks they are GOD -

Frankly, this should not affect the main portion of the paintball community which are recballers so I really don't see why so many people are getting riled up about it. I don't, and never have played by PSP rules in my life and I'm not about to start doing so now. I don't use ramping or modes since I really don't need a band aid to increase my rof but could care less if others use it when playing at any rof -

If an abundance of fields start enforcing it(which I seriously doubt will) you can expect renegade fields to start popping up more so than ever. The way fields are dropping dead like the plague as it is, they'd just increase the probability by lowering the rof to a slugs speed for those that don't want to adhere to this. Kinda like telling drag racers at the strip they need to slow down. They'll just take it to the streets -
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