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Default Re: Well Howdy!!! Been a while (56K beware)

Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post
Saw one of these the other day. Pretty impressive.

Glad to see you're having fun over there though!
Having a blast over here, Germany rocks!

Originally Posted by SupaSnipa View Post
How many PSI of boost do you get with the stock turbo?
BTW, is that the 5 spd?
With everything stock peaking around 15 psi, there's a guy on the SRT forum that has Dyno proven 400 WHP with a bit of tweeking but still on the stock turbo. Dodge rates the Caliber SRT-4 @ 285 HP but dyno tests have shown it closer to 300 HP. THe SRT-4 only comes with the Getrag 6-speed, which is Fricking incredible, super smooth, close ratio and short through. At 100 mph in 6th I'm tickling the tach at 2700 RPM pulling about 2 psi of boost. If anyone is in the new car market give this baby a look, bang for the buck factor is HIGH!
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