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Default Re: NPPL Files for Bankruptcy!?!?!?!?

What needs to happen is somebody stepping in and acquiring the rights to the NPPL and bringing the events back to established paintball fields which will be much cheaper to hold rather than having it at a location like HB or some stadium.

Since the field is established all you have to do is make sure the host field has the infrastructure and up to league standards. Field size and proper nettings with adequate vendor area and parking. Then the league brings in the bunkers, turf and of course officials for the event.

Overhead will be reduce by a huge amount because you don't have to pay the city like HB six figures just to hold an event and a crew to set up all the fields from scratch.

The NPPL was highly profitable when it was ran this way back in the 10 man days and at the same time you generate a lot of added interest in the local market for the host fields.

I'd schedule some of the events on a long holiday weekend too. I remember when I used to make it into a short vacation. NPPL events were 5 days long back then and had 5 man on Wednesday/Thursday, 10 man was Friday through Sunday.

There are so many posibilities and options to make it work with a much smaller overhead but still have a very successful league.
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