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Default Re: druid's A5 Camo job

Originally Posted by jim762 View Post
Thanks, i think i know the stuff your talking about. I think it looks great. I've seen the ones where people used modge podge and didn't really like the look(to shiny). yours look like they were professionally made. Great job.
Yeah...rubber cement = "boogie glue" - that snotty looking stuff used in school art class. You apply the glue to the 2 parts you want to join and let them scab over before sticking them together.

Mod Podge is a good product. I used it on the outside of my leather Greaves and Vambraces. Look up my name and you will see the pics. For all intents and purposes, it's about equal to Elmer's Glue. At least it smells the The Mod Podge makes a waterproof seal when cured properly and being that paint fill is water soluble, makes a perfect barrier between the fabric being protected and the paint. As you said though, it leaves a sheen that negates the entire idea about camouflaging a piece of equipment. In the case of these covers though, I used ScotchGuard to protect the material. Hopefully that will work but in honesty, I'm not too worried about it as I rarely get gogged - I almost always get shot in the upper torso.

The trick to making the mask covers is PATIENCE. You need to make good templates before cutting your material. A messed up template = a messed up cover. I used onion paper (taped to the mask) to make my tracings. I cut them out and then traced that onto the material but I gave myself an additional 1/2" around the tracing for maneuvering room and some to fold under the face plate (or tuck in at places). I think I'm going to do the soft-ears as well. Those WILL be vented though. I figure a paper punch should work nicely since all the holes on the ears are round.
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