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Default Re: druid's A5 Camo job

Originally Posted by bamf-hacker View Post
Nice Druid. I would cut the fabric around the vents on the masks though. Better breathing and communication.

But nice work none the less
Well as we both know, the 'Snappers are probably the most heat venting and breathable masks ever made. They just aren't 'agg' enough for today's These take JT Elite lenses and I have thermals in both. One has a fan in it but I want to see how they behave as-is before opening the vents.
Originally Posted by kramernator View Post
yeah, that is really cool, i would prefer that over paint any day.... but yeah, make slits in the mask fabric, they would fog up less then...right?
Thanks. See above.
Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
looks good but how easily will the fabric clean up from the paint?
Should clean up as easily as any other fabric. Water+toothbrush=clean and ready to go.
Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post
I hope you didn't glue that to the masks. >.< Those things should be in a museum. I'd think they'd have some kind of antique value to a collector or something.
Yes I did. Museums are nice but I like to play with what I know works. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against new styles of masks but I know these work (for me). I have 3 pair of Invisions, 1 X-Fire, 2 Extreme Rage, 1 Scott, 1 NVader and a couple of others I forget what they are. Of them all, I like these the best.
Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
Nice.....Digi and Palmer's, FTW -

Scotchguard FTW. Isn't Druid Scottish? -
And ScotchGuard has already been
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