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Default customer service review

Website I ordered from:

This is not yet a product review but I will amend this to include that when my items arrive. This is more to point out an issue I had at checkout and the customer assistance I received.

I made an order for some BT pouches for my kid. I got to checkout and it requests a credit card for address verification. I go to put in that credit card and of course, my wife maxed it out and never said anything..

So it ended up that I did not actually complete the order and went on my merry way. I looked in my email address and the order was there but I got a call the next day from Peter (employee) telling me there was an order but the funds never transferred.

I told him what happened and he came up with the solution of me sending the Pay Pal payment to another account and him transferring that on my behalf. We did this the entire time we were on the phone and the whole matter took less than 10 minutes from the time I called him back. I'm also on EST and I [believe] they are Pacific time. It was 1350 hours here so that's about 1000 there (ish). At completion of the order, he told me the items I ordered would be shipped TODAY! WOOHOO!

I've got to say that I'm pretty impressed with the service I received. I will amend this post with a review of the products when they arrive.
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