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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
hmm, i get about 1000 shots out of a 48/3k with my timmy, w/psi at about 70. whats the vs3 run at, 250 psi? ugh, its too late and im too tired to do the math...
VS3 is now a loaner... I'm primarily runnin' with my mini. I can get close to 1500 shots if my 68cuin has 4K in it. No one around here can get you up to 4500. Its usually around 4K from the pb shop but then the tanks cool and they drop. My roomie just went and filled our 4 tanks at the shop and only 2 are above 3K. Part of the problem is that they are lazy at the shop and won't fill from the full tanks. I guess they only have one fill valve so go figure...

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