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Default Re: Official Happy Therapy

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
If she isn't using it, who's to stop you from using it? Also, I'd look into tournament markers for an edge on mere modded Tippy's. A nice Trilogy SF would do her fine, and it would give you Autococker experience.

No worries, it's just that it's too close to my name and people **** it up all the time... "I need some Tim detents..." Well wtf, I don't make detents!
Well her birthday is tomorrow and she has this thing about instant gratification, so i am limited to what i can get on the island. the thing that doesn't make sense is you can buy all kind of airsoft guns in okinawa but no paintball markers.
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Originally Posted by slim and shady View Post
im gonna go hide in the shadows and clentch my buttox before Red finds me!
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