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Default Re: Which Hopper??

I've always loved my Reloader B. Vike pretty much summed up what I was going to say in regards to it.

Some people will tell you to get a VLocity... but to be quite honest, the quality isn't there. The screws don't have nuts on the end, so they screw into the shell its self. This means it's easier to strip, easier to break the shell, and the screws weaken the shell its self. The battery doors are the cheapest things in the world on them... I've seen them get shot at 250FPS and blow clean off, stripping the screw holes and cracking the main shell in the process.

Now that I'm done ripping on the structural integrity of the shells, let's move on to the looks and profile height. The regular VLocity is obnoxiously tall. You have to have a Marq, or something with a VERY low feedneck for the VLocity to even come close to lining up properly under the arch of your head during proper form. The JR's are better at this, due to being smaller, but they are still as cheaply built and ugly as the regular ones.

They are fast though... don't get me wrong. That's their only redeeming factor for me. Weight is a plus too, but when playing semi, I honestly couldn't give two craps about weight. Hell, I used to shoot a Trauma DM3.

The Reloader B will keep up with any gun (in my experience) and looks a hell of a lot better then the VLocity or the rest of the competition out there. I also own a V35'd Halo. I would also recommend the V35 if you got a Halo... but eyes < sound when it comes to hoppers.

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