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Default Re: Which Hopper??

They aren't really "ears" as they are more of a vibration/listening/sensing reciever type things. Many years ago, there were complaints about Reloader B's not feeding because guns were too quiet. Personally, I never ran into this problem, and I think it was more crap than substance. The whole "Halo vs Reloader" thing. I shot all different kinds of guns, from Angels to Spyders, DMs to PMs, Draguns to Shockers - you name it, I shot it. WITH my Reloader B and it never failed to recognize a shot.

You can yell, make any loud noise or whatever beside a Reloader B, but it won't feed. Sometimes, if you yell REALLY LOUD into the shell, it might feed, but take the lid and tap it against the shell lip and it will agitate. Also, tapping the side of it relatively hard will make it feed - this is the reason why I call it a "vibration/sound" feeder. Also, I never worried about turning my Reloader B on in a quiet area - in fact, I always made sure to tap the lid and/or dump paint in it at the same time it was turning on.

But, like Dan (Hacker) said, eyes get gunked up, can go blind because of broken paint or dirt, might not be able to see certain colors of paint and so on, but the "ears" work no matter how much paint you break or what color it is.

Reloader B2 is pretty much the same as the B, but comes with more, and adjustable, levels. But, I'll also side with Dan on the Magna thing. I totally forgot about that drop in kit. It's pretty cool and I can see that it's a BIG step up in paint feeding...If I had to get a new loader today, it would be a B2 or a Magna drop in kit.
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