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Default Re: Which Hopper??

I agree with above. I use a Reloader B on my PMR (and all my guns) and it's easily capable of keeping up and doing what you need it to do in any given condition or circumstance. I've never felt the need to have a newer loader than my Reloader B, though I've considered from time to time getting the B2. I also think it's better than the Halo, but only because it's got "ears" instead of "eyes". That, and when I bought it so long ago, it came stock with everything that you would have had to buy extra for the Halo...which isn't true anymore.

Originally Posted by Paintball Freak View Post
I meant for this to be a poll, but I forgot to click the poll thing... heheh

But just let me know what you think and state why.

Three main options are:
Eggy 3
Halo B
Empire B

But if you could suggest a better hopper feel free...

I added a poll for you since you wanted to add one.
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