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Default Re: Which would you buy?

I voted PMR since those were your options. Best stock gun I've ever shot - ever. But, like Ace said, if you do that definitely go for the PMR SE. Some of the things that you'd want to upgrade is included on the SE (eye covers, back cap, two piece barrel, frame and trigger). Then, later on, get an Ultralight frame.

Of course others are going to say a Timmy of some sort, but I never cared for Timmies that much and I feel that my PMR works just as well as any Timmy that I ever shot. Same amount of kick but IMO it has less, accuracy is no better or worse, it's the same size or smaller than a lot of Timmies (and definitely the quest ) and it's a single tube spoolie design instead of a poppit design and I like spoolies better, so on and so forth. Some would argue on the efficiency, but in my experience the efficiency of the PMR isn't nearly as bad as what people are saying. Plus you can get a really good STOCK PMR brand new for what USED Timmies are going for (granted, some with decent parts on them) without the hassles of what the previous owner put it through before.

Just my .02.
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