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Default 1 of 1 A-Bomb Timmy for sale....

OK I have my 1 of 1 A-Bomb for Sale

Custom anno, everything matches.
UL Back with Stiffi tip
CP Shorty Reg
CP on/off
NDZ Feedneck
Bumperless Ram Cap
Critical Frame
Critical Trigger
Dark Seoul Grips
Hobby's Black Fittings
Infamous Board (for the right price a Virtue board will be installed in place of the Infamous board)

Also included is the stock alias frame that is anno'd to match.

The gun has a small mark on one of the a-bomb eye covers and the black part of the stiffi tip has anno wear, other than that it is beautiful.

Video with a freak barrel instead of the UL



Don't be dumb, post them pm and don't ask me to ship first. If you have an offer PM ME, don't ask me to PM you. I am a Super Mod here, an Admin on IonOwners and Mod on PbN. My reputation speaks for itself.

Prices are OBO and if you want something other than basic USPS shipping then you are paying for it.
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secks comes to mind everytime I look at those markers. pure freaky secks.

You have been roshamboed
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