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Default Re: DirtySouth Customz

Metal Polishing:

Yep, I polish metals now. Want your barrel to shine like chrome? Can't afford to get an expensive anno? Get it polished.

Pics coming soon!

Gun Metal:

Ah...Gun metal...What can I say? It just looks...BAD@$$.

Body On A Spyder Pilot: (Sorry for bad quality. Picture taken with a mobile phone.)

Spyder Marker Repair:

I'm now repairing any Spyder marker. Please PM for details.

Low Pressure Mods:

Yes, I offer low pressure mods. Whether is drilling out your VA, modding your bolt, or whatever. I can do it! PM for more details!

imlancehello (7:08:35 PM): I was just getting into it because the U.S. was winning like everything.

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