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Alrighty. Most of you already know, I have a halfbacking service, well now that I have a lot more practice with my Dremel, I've learned a lot from experience. So, here are my services.


Metal Polishing
Gun Metal
Gun Repair
Low Pressure Mods


HalfBacking: $20-$30 (Depends on design)
Metal Polishing: $15 (Bodies), $10(Barrels), $5(Small Pieces), $60(Entire Gun)
Gun Metal: $15 (Bodies), $10(Barrels), $5(Small Pieces), $60(Entire Gun)
Gun Repair: Varies on repair needed
Low Pressure Mods: Depends on mods

Prices do NOT include shipping.


1. You send me a pm saying you want a halfback job done.
2. Explain to me the type of work you want done.
3. I'll give you a quote on how much it will cost. (Will NOT exceed $30 shipped.)
4. We both agree.
5. You get a sharpie, and mark an estimate of where you would like me to cut.
6. Ship your body AND the bolt you use just to make sure that I know up to where it's safe to cut.
7. I ship you your body AND bolt back.

Very simple. I will work with the body to make it as perfect as possible.

NOTE: If for some reason I do mess up, you will get a full refund, and we can work any deals out before hand.

Here is work I did on my VS1:

Work done on VS3_RoCKeRs VS3:

A VS2 Body I did for myself to resale:

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