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Default Re: SPPS 4th Year Anniversary Contest Week #4


This weeks contest are for those geeky research nuts that seek free stuff, lots of free stuff. You may even consider it a website scavenger hunt so to speak. Similar to last week, you're just going to have to do a little thinking to earn this one. Listed just below this paragraph are the websites you will find the answers on:

All of the above websites are pledged sponsors of these SPPS contests.

1) Below are outlined 35 specific questions pertaining to these 4 specific websites.
2) Answering all 35 questions are not required if you don't know all of them. I'm not too sure that anyone will actually find all 35 so everyone has a chance at this. Even if you don't know the answers of some, by at least submitting a guess you still have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.
3) You may use any means possible finding out the answers to these questions.
4) You may even discuss the questions in this thread if you feel inclined. Only thing we ask is that you keep your posts on topic.
5) The greater portion of these questions can be found on these websites. There are very few that may possibly not be found on the websites listed.
6) Please do not contact me by private messages with questions or comments concerning the contest as I will not answer them. If you have any further questions or comments specifically pertaining to this SPPS contests, please post them in this contest thread. I will try to keep up on them best as I can. Please don't expect any clues. That would be unfair to others that may already have that answer.
7) The winner of this contest will be chosen by the number of correct answers submitted. You will gain 1 point per correct answer. If there is for any reason a tie, a tie breaker will be held for a final winner decision.
8) Once you have all the answers ready, please submit them through e-mail to, This will keep your answers confidential, out of public view. BE SURE TO SEND YOUR FORUMS NICKNAME AND WHICH FORUMS YOU ARE FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE E-MAIL! Title your e-mail specifically, “SPPS SOC Contest #4” Send answers only and number them corresponding to the questions below. We will not be responsible for lost or misdirected e-mails so be sure to get the address above correct with the correct title. Nor will we be responsible for the correct answer corresponding with the correct number. We suggest that you look them over very carefully before sending them, then save your answers somewhere just in case you need to resend them. Any e-mails with attachments, large content or improperly titled will automatically be discarded. A short note and answers only please. Unless there is a problem with transit of the e-mail, only 1 answer form will be accepted per member. May even be a good idea to post that you sent the e-mail in this thread so we know to look for it at Yahoo.
9) You have more than a week to submit your answers for this one so take your time. They must be received before the deadline listed below so don't wait till the very last minute either. The time posted on the e-mail must be before 11:59PM EST. That's eastern standard time.
10) Answer e-mail entry deadline is by September 30th at 11:59PM EST
11) The winner and prize package of week 4 will be announced some time during course of October 1st at our discretion.

The grand prize package for this one has a retail total of over $200. Happy hunting and break a leg!

Relatively 97% of the questions below can be found on the websites provided. About 3% of them you may already know or may need to search elsewhere for. None of these websites are extremely complex in size so finding the answers shouldn't be complicated for you either.

1. What are the names of the president and business manager who administrate Tadao Technologies?
2. On what day and date did Tadao announce the aftermarket OLED display technology on their website?
3. What does the acronym OLED stand for?
4. On what date did Tadao announce the New Tadao VS Upgrade Chip on their website?
5. At what retail price does Tadao sell Spyder boards for on their website?6. At what college did the President of Tadao Technologies study computer science?
7. What is his grandfather's name?
8. Name at least 2 high profile professional teams listed that Tadao sponsors.
9. How many electronic boards does/did Tadao offer for retail sales listed on their website?
10. What are Tadao's two requirements for sponsorship consideration?

1. What are the first names of the 2 people that run Chipley Machine?
2. What is the first name of their main sales representative?
3. In what country are CCM Products produced?
4. In what location is CCM's main office?
5. What item is CCM's main product of sales?
6. What are CCM's toll free and direct phone numbers?
7. Does CCM only make paintball products?
8. Does CCM produce its own marker? If so, what is it named?
9. What specific well known marker does CCM make an abundance of parts for?

1. What is the full name of the owner of The Macroline Guy dot com?
2. Under what online forums name can he normally be found?
3. Where is the base location of TMG?
4. What is the tensile strength rating of the macroline sold on TMG?
5. Macroline offered at TMG comes in how many colors?
6. What are the PSI ratings of the 3 Ashcroft Gauges sold on TMG?
7. How many different colors of swivel macro fittings are offered on TMG?
8. How many different manufacturer types does TMG offer electronic eyes for and what colors do they come in?

1. What alternative domain address will connect you to the SPPS website besides ?
2. In what month and year did SPPS open its business?
3. Name the 7 SPPS specifically designed products offered to the public since they opened their business.
4. What Spyder valve can you acquire at SPPS that you cannot find on any other website?
5. What stainless line lengths can be acquired from the SPPS website?
6. What type of scenario vests do SPPS offer and what colors do they come in?
7. How many Kingman Spyder specific tech articles does SPPS have listed on their website?
8. What other manufacturers does SPPS offer tech info on? Name them.
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