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Default Re: What is wrong with me?

im actually partial to mojo for some reason...

don't worry vike, the night my parents were supposed to come back from vacation i adopted a kitten. found her at the construction site for my best friend's parent's new house. she was about the size of my cell phone when flipped open (not including her head)! i guess she had been there for a few days, but none of the workers wanted to take her home, but they fed her lunch scraps. i couldn't think of a name, but then it came to me. KIBBLES! short for kibbles and bits, which is what she would've become if left by herself. my parents werent too thrilled, our fat cat loves her now (he used to hiss at her all the time), and she still won't have anything to do with out 6 year old boder collie/lab mix.

morning after i found her
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