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Default Re: SPPS 4th Year Anniversary Contest Week #1

Fine... Andy, Tim, you two beat me to the contest.

I've been really busy as of late with school, my mother on her way out, and work. It's been really hard and I've been really fatigued. That's probably why you don't see me posting on here every day like the usual.

I would like to mention that everyone's prayers are helping. My mother (For the past two days) has been able to walk. She has control over her right side enough now to use it in a productive manor and is enjoying walking around and talking with friends. Her mental clarity is also returning. We're still under the assumption that the cancer will beat her in the end... but for now, this is a nice relief. Thank you again everyone for your prayers and for being the ONLY community online that I am comfortable talking with about this. You are my family.

Thank you SPPS for making this contest! Can't wait to see the prizes.

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