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Default Re: SPPS 4th Year Anniversary Contest Week #1

Through out the ages, many cultures have stories about their existence. Cultures that had no way of contacting each other. Creatures that terrified and inspired many people. What are these creatures? What could be know to cultures scattered all over the world? The answer is Dragons!
From Europe to Asia, South America to Africa, stories of majestic lizard like creatures that can fly and in some cases “breath fire”. in the oncoming sections we will discuss each aspect of the dragon.
The ability to fly:
Lizards have had the ability to fly at one point in time. The age of the dinosaurs saw lizards with wings larger than most cars of today are long.
The ability to breath fire:
No animal in history has the ability to cause a flame by using a bi-product of some chemical reaction in their body. But, Animals do have the ability to produce a great heat. There is a beetle in Africa that has this as a self defense mechanism. The Bombardier Beetle shoots a liquid that is very close to boiling point, but that is not fire.

There could possibly be a human aspect in this tale of breathing fire. There is a possibility that when a dragon roared, the actual breath of the dragon was very hot, which is not unlikely. Alligators and Crocodiles have this ability to “growl” that feels hot to the touch.
This could be mistaken for fire.
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