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Exclamation Re: New CF Invert Nightstick look inside.......

Just got off the phone with my bud who is a pretty big wheel at KEE and he mentioned there is only one bore size currently and that's a .090. So much for 2nd/3rd/4th....generation PbN info lol. There is no plan currently for any other bore sizes. Since most paints are relatively .689, don't think other sizes matter too much. They are already available to dealers, so you should see them sporadically popping up soon -

Now a question; last time I heard anything about CF barrels was quite a while ago and the one in topic was the Stiffi. It was well over $100 for that barrel. I didn't take a second thought about purchasing it at that price. Do they still cost that much and are there any other brand CF's available now? I know some of the Stiffi's come in 2 piece as well(or maybe it's you can buy tips for other barrels....). Are these a much better deal at $59 MSRP, which I found out is currently MAP as well? -
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