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Default Re: HPA Tank on an XTRA?!?@!?@?

Yep HPA does not have drastic changes with temperatures as co2 does. Co2 spikes, and is very inconsistent. Co2 also is at liquid state, which means you have to allow it to expand ...

HPA is a great upgrade, and since stock spyders run at 800 psi, your in luck

It really depends how long you think your going to play paintball for .. if not for a long time i'd just say .. if you wish .. get the 47/3k tank that redbarron's going to sell you, since your probably gonna get a good deal ... but if not just stick with co2 .. if your going to stay with paintball for a long while though .. get a bigger thank .. as a 47/3k will probably last only 480 shots ... up or down .. depending on how efficient your gun is
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