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Default Re: Veteran Forum name change?

Originally Posted by HelpDeskHustler View Post
EDIT: on a functional note, if the Special privileges forum were the first listed forum (above general spyder) it would serve an actual purpose which would aid in moderation. Spam/Porn bots which do manage to make it into the site ALWAYS post in the first forum on the list. By having a restricted access forum first on the list, you block the porn bots from posting.
Not necessarily - I've deleted porn/spam from the MR forums, the picture forums and the member review forums just within the last couple of months.

Guys, as far as the vet members only section - there isn't enough activity here, especially from veteran members, to make a "special forum" and I don't buy the, "If we had one, there'd be more people posting" thoughts either. Maybe at first, but it'd die out. Besides, what would you have to say in a secret forum that would need to be seperated from the Non Paintball forum anyways? We don't have the regular idiocy that flows in the only other well - known forum that I know of that has a "special" vets forum in it. We don't get ridiculous posts for the most part - it's just elitist thinking we need to separate ourselves from those with less posting experience in this forum - those people, and the new players, come here specifically at first to get our help. Separating ourselves and for those only posting in that special forum are literally saying, "I don't want to talk to you, you lesser person, you!"

Besides, all it would turn into would be a huge off topic forum anyways, which we already have. We've debated this quite a bit in the penthouse, but it always comes out that it's just not necessary.
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