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Default Re: Veteran Forum name change?

Originally Posted by timmyshoota View Post
There needs to be a Vet forum, with special privileges needed to post in it.
Troof! I'd love an OG forum for all of us that have been on here for a long time! Not the random **** that PBN has for OSST where after a year you can post, sorta a hand picked thing of the active veterans on the board. Ted excluded, of course, so we can have a place of refuge on here from his "Ion this" and "Ion that!"

Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post
I never thought that... I always just read the little thing below it and went there if I had a serious question to ask about paintball, in hopes that the more experienced people (as it says) would give me incite.
I've always chilled in the vet's forum... It's just the general forum for those looking to get answers from those more experienced in the sport. I'm surprised at how many posts show up in the General Spyder forum that could very well be answered in the Vet's Forum by those of us that avoid the MR and General Spyder forums (generally I do, at least... I don't want my infraction count to increase at an exponential rate just yet! ).

As for the naming issue... "Ask The Vets" is all I can come up with.
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